Dental Bonding FAQs

Do you ever think that with just a tiny change here or there, your smile would be perfect? When you visit our office in Charlotte, no concern is too small for us to tackle. Whether you are just wanting to cover a small gap, or make your smile a little more symmetrical, we can offer an affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure known as dental bonding. Here are some dental bonding FAQs to consider:

What is dental bonding for?

When you visit your dentist in Charlotte, dental bonding may be suggested for cosmetic dentistry concerns such as filling in small gaps, adding length to a tooth that is shorter than its neighbors, covering minor cracks or chips, or even to cover areas where a tooth is severely stained.

How long does it take to have dental bonding applied?

Generally, we can apply dental bonding in a single visit. It does not cause any pain or discomfort at all, and the composite material comes in a wide range of colors so that we can match the bonding to your smile. No numbing or medication is necessary, and there are usually no follow up visits required.

Is dental bonding very affordable?

Yes, most of our patients in Charlotte find that dental bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer. For those whose dental insurance does not cover cosmetic treatments, this can make it possible to still achieve a lovely smile.

Find Out More About Dental Bonding in Charlotte

If you have more dental bonding FAQs, we are always happy to help. Contact us at Lowe, DDS in Charlotte for a consultation regarding this and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. We can be found online, or you can call our office at 704-450-3321 to schedule your appointment today.