Overview of Porcelain Veneers

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that our patients know about, such as whitening or Invisalign® straightening, but not as many are aware of porcelain veneers, which can answer an impressively long list of problems or concerns. Robert Lowe DDS, and the team in our Charlotte, NC office, want our patients to learn about dental veneers and the many issues they can address.

As your preferred dentist in Charlotte, Dr. Lowe will always put the health and well being of your teeth and gums as the priority. When a patient has regular cleanings and checkups and uses optimal oral hygiene, they should be able to smile happily, yet many of our patients say they conceal their grin. This is when we will consult with them about the use of porcelain veneers as an ideal solution. They can be used for patients with:

The way that porcelain veneers work is surprisingly simple. They are incredibly thin and yet amazingly durable shells of porcelain that Dr. Lowe will custom design to address the needs of each individual tooth. They are made to match any teeth that will not be fitted with porcelain veneers, and no one will know that these, nearly paper thin shells are bonded to your teeth.

You can use them like your natural teeth, and with proper care, they will serve you well for decades to come. Your teeth do need to be prepared properly, by a cosmetic dentist, and it will take only two visits to have your porcelain veneers designed and then placed. This is why so  many people describe them as a nearly instant smile makeover!

You can turn to veneers as an ideal answer to multiple problems, and you can speak to us about them whether it is for a single tooth or for all of your visible teeth. If veneers are not an answer, we have many reliable cosmetic dentistry solutions that can also address the same issues.

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