Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs cosmetic dentistry faqs

Have you been contemplating a cosmetic dentistry procedure? If so, you most likely have questions and you’re wondering if your cosmetic dentist will have answers.  He or she definitely will, and will always be happy to talk with you. If you want a quick overview, though, take a look at these FAQs – they’ll answer most of your questions.

If you have been thinking about having a cosmetic procedure, you probably have a lot of questions. Your cosmetic dentist will always be happy to talk with you, but if you want a quick rundown, these cosmetic dentistry FAQs will get you started.

I Don’t Have a Lot of Money – Can I Still Have Cosmetic Dentistry?

Yes. A lot of people think that cosmetic dentistry is just for the rich and famous, but that’s not true. There are any number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are very cost-effective. Just as an example, you might see celebrities on television or in the movies who have had a full set of crowns done, and that’s how they get the Hollywood smile. But there are other procedures like porcelain veneers that can give you a champagne smile on a beer budget.

Then, too, there are treatments like teeth whitening that can improve your smile dramatically with very little financial outlay. Whatever your income level, there is a treatment available for you.

Will It Hurt?

No. Cosmetic dentistry treatments don’t hurt, no matter how extensive they are. Your dentist has a number of ways available to make sure that whatever is done to your teeth, it won’t hurt. If it seems as though the treatment is likely to cause you discomfort, you can rest assured that your dentist will give you a local anesthetic before proceeding with the treatment.

Will the Treatment Take a Long Time?

Not usually. Unless you’re getting braces – then you’ll be in it for the long haul because straightening your teeth can take a year or so. The same is true of dental implants: having them installed takes time because your mouth needs to heal between the time that the implant surgery is performed and the time when your dental crowns will be installed atop the implants. Most cosmetic treatments, though, take a few hours, if that.

Are All Dentists Cosmetic Dentists?

No. Cosmetic dentists take training above and beyond what others go through in order to give you the smile you want.

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