Overview of Cosmetic Dentistry

We hear the word “cosmetic” when discussing cosmetic dentistry, and we may mistake it as something that is purely about aesthetics. That is not actually the full story and Robert Lowe DDS in Charlotte, NC encourages our patients to consider that it can be a great deal more.

As your preferred dentist in Charlotte, Dr. Lowe provides cosmetic dentistry options such as:

While these treatments are certainly among the most reliable ways of addressing issues such as chipped, crooked, darkly stained or widely gapped teeth, reconsider their functions. For example, a patient who turns to Dr. Lowe for his cosmetic dentist skills may be told that Invisalign® is a good solution to their crooked smile. However, adjusting the bite and alignment of the teeth may also serve restorative or preventative measures.

There are many benefits in any of the cosmetic dentistry options available, and they also include the improvements in self-esteem. Whether you hide your smile because it has some discoloration or you are missing teeth, it is cosmetic dentistry that will solve the trouble. With an improvement in the appearance of your smile, you will begin speaking and interacting with others more readily, boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

We might also consider something like porcelain veneers or dental bonding. They are used to correct issues in individual teeth, such as a crack or chip. However, both use strong bonding materials that also reinforce the strength of the natural tooth. While concealing an unsightly mark or problem, such remedies also improve function.

Clearly, cosmetic dentistry goes well beyond the esthetics. It is something that must be arranged and planned with your cosmetic dentist in Charlotte. Book some time with Dr. Lowe and discuss your concerns and needs, and together you can make plans for the appropriate cosmetic dentistry treatments and solutions.

Everyone is different, but there are many reliable solutions available through our office. Whether you are interested in a complete smile makeover that will address the health of your teeth and gums as well as their appearance, or there is just one tooth troubling you, we can provide great suggestions and answers.

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