dental implants facts

Dental Implants Facts

Many people have yet to realize the incredible benefits of implant dentistry. It is an area of restorative dentistry that many know about, but which is still surrounded in a bit of mystery. Robert Lowe, DDS in Charlotte, NC encourages all patients who have suffered tooth loss, or who may lose teeth in the future, to consider these dental implants facts as they make their choices in restorative treatments.

The Loss of Teeth

For decades, people have believed that the loss of teeth was not of great significance to their overall health. Today, we know better and understand that missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious, and most definitely leaves you feeling unable to eat a full diet, speak like normal or even look like you would like. Gaps in the teeth allow the soft tissue and muscles of the face to change, giving most a prematurely aged look. There is also the issue of bone and gum recession, which is the direct and unavoidable result of tooth loss.

As your dentist in Charlotte, Dr. Lowe can provide many kinds of restorative treatments, including dentures and bridges, but these dental implants facts may encourage you to consider this incredibly optimal choice.

Key Dental Implants Facts

The myths surrounding dental implants can discourage some patients from even inquiring about them, so let us look at those myths and debunk them one by one:

They are painful

The procedure is no more uncomfortable than the average filling and there is no pain after the anesthetic wears off.

They have a high fail rate

Decades ago there was some truth to that, but today they enjoy a 98% success rate and are a permanent answer to tooth loss

They can weaken the jaw

The exact opposite is true, and a dental implant can prevent bone loss and gum recession while remaining free of decay for decades. Made of titanium, the post will only support the bone

You can be too old

This is not true and patients of any age are welcome to obtain treatment and enjoy a recovery time of two to nine months

These are but some of the facts relating to implants, get in touch to learn if they are right for you.

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