Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Patients of Robert Lowe DDS in Charlotte, NC understand how dedicated we are to their oral health and wellness. We focus on patient education, and particularly where preventative dentistry is concerned. Though it might be referred to as general dentistry, the key benefits of preventative dentistry are anything but general.

As a skilled dentist in Charlotte, Dr. Lowe is going to encourage our patients to have at least one cleaning and exam each year. However, there are measurable benefits to having two cleanings and exams over the course of a calendar year. After all, as a general dentist, Dr. Lowe is going to focus on keeping your teeth and gums functional and healthy. The best way to do this is to have regular checkups that look for any signs of trouble.

For instance, an exam means that Dr. Lowe is going to make sure your gums are healthy, your teeth are in good shape, and that there are no signs of trouble. He will look for evidence of oral cancer, gum disease and decay, and then schedule any general dentistry to treat these issues. This is why preventative dentistry should be twice each year, as it prevents any issues from creeping up and worsening.

The Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Beyond early detection of more serious issues, what are the benefits of preventative dentistry? If you are to prevent any problems from occurring, it means you must eliminate the things that might cause them. This is a huge benefit from regular checkups and cleanings. While a visual exam is part of preventative dentistry, we also ensure that you get a deep cleaning of the teeth and the gums.

Yes, we are sure that most of our patients are dedicated when it comes to daily flossing and brushing, and even using rinses designed to reduce the buildup of plaque, however, a deeper cleaning gets to the areas where even rigorous oral hygiene may fail. Removing the sources of decay, irritation, inflammation and eventual disease prevents any further issues from occurring.

Visual exams for signs of trouble, deep cleaning to eliminate problems at the source, and treating any issues before they worsen are some of the greatest benefits of regular preventative care.

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